Michigan Medical Marijuana Rules

Medical Marijuana Lawyer - James Fifelski

The Michigan Medical Marijuana Act was passed by voters in 2008 establishing the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program MMMP. The MMMP makes it legal to use medical marijuana as a treatment for several illnesses. Currently, this program is very young with vague rules and inconsistencies that make it difficult to fully understand. Although some people may abuse the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program, there are many legitimate patients, dispensaries, and caregivers who remain compliant with all MMMP laws. Attorney Fifelski helps his clients understand guidelines within the Medical Marijuana Program to prevent unfair prosecution from occurring.

Currently, legislators aren't sure what rules are needed for the MMMP. Differing opinions about medical marijuana have forced laws to vary from city to city, causing confusion for patients, dispensaries, and caregivers. Many charges have been filed, one of which will end up at the State Supreme Court and determine the future of Medical Marijuana in Michigan. In order to avoid becoming the victim of vague rules within the MMMP it is important to fully understand and comply with all laws, both local and state.

James Fifelski submerged himself in MMMP laws, making him one of the most qualified attorneys in any cases involving Michigan Medical Marijuana. At this point in the development of the MMMP it will come down to who understands the laws. As Michigan's Medical Marijuana Lawyer, James Fifelski emphasizes prevention to all his clients, because if you have everything lined up correctly you will significantly decrease your chances of being prosecuted.

James Fifelski works with the Ann Arbor Dispensary as they become the largest and most compliant dispensary in the state. James was able to meet with local government officials helping establish a positive relationship through professionalism and compliance with local legislation. Dispensaries are a grassroots project, making many of the laws regarding this issue unclear and unspecified. If you are opening a dispensary in Michigan, the long term sustainability of your establishment depends on your understanding of local laws. James Fifelski knows the rules and will make sure all of his clients understand the importance of preventative strategies.

Do not try to change the guidelines, even if they are unconstitutional. James Fifelski emphasizes compliance with the dynamic legislation of the Medical Marijuana Program. If you are on my website right now, you have an interest in the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program. Therefore, we all have a duty to ensure the program continues in a moral and legal manner. At the same time, we all have the right to the best criminal defense we can afford. James Fifelski is one of the most knowledgeable lawyers in the State of Michigan on laws regarding Medical Marijuana, making him the better choice to avoid severe legal consequences.