Michigan Medical Marijuana Penalties

Medical Marijuana Lawyer - James Fifelski

A full understanding of MMMP laws will help you avoid severe penalties. Although there are people who abuse the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program, there are many qualified patients who can face legal trouble if they don't fully understand state and local laws. If you are an MMMP patient, dispensary, or caregiver it is extremely important to continually check the laws and work with local government officials to stay compliant. A lack of understanding has placed legal penalties on many MMMP participants who thought they were compliant, but failed to recognize they were technically breaking the law.

The sustainability of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program depends on the confidence our government has in patients, dispensaries, and caregivers. No one wants to see abuse of a state program, and in order to make sure this doesn't occur there will be severe consequences for those who don't follow the rules. There may be many people who don't agree with the law, and aim to take down those who are legally complying with the law. Unfortunately, many people have been the victim of criminal charges simply because they didn't understand the laws in place. The education and prevention stressed by Attorney James Fifelski has helped his clients stay away from criminal charges and out of jail.

Similar to all prescription drugs, Medical Marijuana cannot be distributed to individuals not certified through the MMMP. Medical Marijuana Cards are only valid for one year and then face renewal. People who ignore this issue may be the target of a criminal investigation. If a caregiver in your network has an expired card all members of your network may be failing to act under the laws of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program. This puts the entire network at risk, and increases the possibility of felony charges.

You are not necessarily protected by the MMMP. There are many details within the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act that are unclear or inconsistent with local laws. James Fifelski understands the risks at hand, and provides all his clients with a full understanding of how to be compliant within the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program.