Medical Marijuana Laws Michigan

Medical Marijuana Lawyer - James Fifelski

State laws for Medical Marijuana in Michigan have been established under the MMMP program, but are incomplete. We need more legislation. For this to happen there will be benchmark cases and rulings that will outline the laws. Although most of the prosecution is currently taking place at the local level, many patients, caregivers, and dispensaries will become the target of county investigations that will make their way to the state level. In order to avoid unfair prosecution, it is important to fully understand the laws established by the MMMP. Remaining compliant and using your medication as directed will help keep the accused protected.

The counties are trying to create law. While the state focuses on processing the influx of Medical Marijuana Applications, many counties are attempting to put their own regulations on the Medical Marijuana Program. Minimal state involvement has allowed many counties to successfully shut down dispensaries and Medical Marijuana growing operations, effectively making it impossible for MMMP patients to obtain their medication. Voters in the State of Michigan developed and approved this law, and it will take time for the state to develop uniform legislation across all counties and cities. Until this happens, it is important to remain compliant with local laws regarding the MMMP program and the means by which you obtain, grow, and use medical marijuana in the State of Michigan.