Medical Marijuana Laws by County

Medical Marijuana Lawyer - James Fifelski

Policy or Prosecution at the county level can result in being charged with a felony. Currently, most of the raids and investigations taking place are occurring at the county level. In some areas, such as Oakland County, law enforcement officials and prosecutors have attacked dispensaries and patients. Many county officials still view medical marijuana as contraband and not a form of medication, forcing legitimate patients to obtain medical marijuana in dangerous back alleys instead of professional storefronts. In counties such as Washtenaw County, officials have focused efforts on controlling and regulating medical marijuana to decrease abuse of the program and protect patients rights.

While each county attempts to change the State Law of Michigan, it is important that MMMP patients, caregivers, and dispensaries understand the law and remain compliant. These wide discrepancies increase the chances that MMMP participants become the victim of prosecution and law enforcement.

This is not the time to use an inexperienced medical marijuana lawyer. Because of the local involvement in medical marijuana laws, many local attorneys will remain compliant with the judges and prosecution in their home county. The increased opportunity of seeing the same judges and prosecutors for a variety of cases can cause some lawyers to not represent a medical marijuana client to the utmost of their ability. Even if you are wrongfully accused, you still have to deal with the legal implications. Therefore, you need a strong voice to expose those acting unlawfully.