Medical Marijuana Laws by City

Medical Marijuana Lawyer - James Fifelski

At the city level you can only be charged with a misdemeanor, or pushed to the county level as a felony. City councils have made rulings about the acceptance of dispensaries, causing deviations from City to City. These inconsistencies cause confusion for many patients, caregivers, and dispensaries, allowing public officials to make examples of out of MMMP patients. In order to protect yourself from becoming the target, you need a Medical Marijuana Lawyer who understands the framework for Medical Marijuana in Michigan. Attorney Fifelski will help you protect yourself through a focus on planning and paperwork, to insure you are in compliance with state, county, and city legislation.

Gross Injustice. A different set of legal parameters across Michigan cities has allowed for many examples of gross injustice. Innocent citizens that participate in the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program MMMP have become the target of criminal investigations. In some Michigan cities, such as Birmingham and Novi, the ACLU has become involved in cases concerning the legality of Medical Marijuana consumption and distribution. Normally, the ACLU will not get involved unless there is a serious situation involving the rights of US citizens.

Cities cannot deny patients their medical marijuana because it has been approved by voters in the State of Michigan, yet some local leaders put limitations to basically eliminate medical marijuana from the area. Unfortunately, many MMMP participants will go down simply because they have the wrong attorneys. Having an experienced lawyer who focuses on MMMA laws can increase your chances of becoming acquitted, even in a community that doesn't fully understand the Medical Marijuana Program MMMP.