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Since voters passed the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act in 2008 many doctors have begun recommending Medical Marijuana as a treatment for certain illnesses. There is a wide discrepancy in view points among counties due to vagueness within the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program MMMP. Also, there are many doctors issuing certifications without considering state laws. These illegitimate doctors hinder the MMMP, causing local law enforcement and prosecutors to target doctors who appear to be abusing the program for personal gain. In order to insure that your medical practice is in compliance with state and local laws.

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It is extremely important to secure the legitimacy of your medical practice. As a Medical Marijuana Lawyer, James Fifelski is helping Medical Marijuana Doctors across the state develop legal practices and security plans in preparation for audits or investigations. As doctors issue cards online and without considering MMMP laws, more legitimate doctors will be hurt by the illegitimate practice of their peers. Cards issued by these unprofessional doctors will most likely be revoked, and their medical certification suspended. Don't let law enforcement and prosecutors make an example out of your practice. If you are a Medical Marijuana Doctor, use the experience and knowledge of Michigan's Medical Marijuana Lawyer, James Fifelski.