Legal Compliance, Security Review, and Lobbying

Medical Marijuana Lawyer - James Fifelski

In the early stages of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program many dispensaries opened without truly understanding the importance of financial and physical security. Failing to comply with state guidelines for small businesses can result in the termination of your establishment. Most dispensary owners didn't anticipate the rapid growth they experienced. Expansion is always good, as long as it is within the parameters of the law. Rapid growth without being under the parameters of the law simply makes you a target for legal investigations.

Attorney James Fifelski's Legal Services

  • Legal Compliance Review
  • Security Review Programs
  • Litigation: Trial Attorney
  • Business Consulting
  • Lobbying

A thorough legal compliance system can help you avoid becoming the target of an investigation or audit by the State of Michigan. Through my extensive training you will be able to transform your dispensary into a sustainable business with all facets of your daily operations being monitored and recorded. Keeping a very tight paper trail will help you avoid problems.

A recent case study at The TreeCity Health Collective determined that increased security eased the stress of many employees and allowed for expansion without anxiety. Making sure you are physically protected will be paramount in your ability to avoid law enforcement officials who are looking to clean up many of the back door dispensaries. Establishing legitimacy, both visible and non visible, will help improve your daily operations, increasing overall confidence in patients, employees, and the State of Michigan.

At the TreeCity Health Collective they incorporated a security review program and parking analysis, in addition to lobbying with the city. Today, TreeCity leads as an example for other dispensaries due to the service and knowledge of Lawyer James Fifelski.

Any dispensary operating without proper documentation and without following proper procedure can end up in a tremendous amount of legal trouble. As a Medical Marijuana Lawyer I hope to help dispensary owners and prevent cases where law enforcement has injected their own personal biases above the law.