Marijuana Lawyer James Fifelski

Michigan Medical Marijuana Legal Defense

James Fifelski is a Medical Marijuana Attorney serving all of Michigan. If you are a resident of Michigan and are looking for legal advice or support regarding the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program James Fifelski is your best chance at success. He has submerged himself in MMMP law, making him the most experienced choice for many when dealing with medical marijuana.

Attorney James Fifelski is a Michigan Medical Marijuana Attorney, that has been involved in MMMP cases since the bill first passed in the state of Michigan.

At this point in the Medical Marijuana Program many of the laws are vague and uncertain. It is very important to fully understand both state and local laws to avoid any legal issues. Examples will be made out of many individuals, and you could become the victim without realizing you are breaking the law.

James Fifelski understands the legal rights of his clients, and will not allow public officials hurt them. Without the experience and knowledge of James Fifelski patients face the risk of losing criminal cases resulting in bad precedent, while creating severe limitations to the MMMP and its patients.