Michigan Medical Marijuana Lobbying

Compliance is your best solution

Sometimes it takes more than what is established to succeed. At the city, county, and state level we see a wide variance in opinion about Medical Marijuana Laws in Michigan. Medical Marijuana Lawyers have a difficult task ahead of them. Not only do they need to work with city councils to adopt legislation, but somewhere along the way they need to help the council understand the impact their decisions will have on dispensaries, doctors, caregivers, and patients.

Getting it done. Often times, the groundwork must be set before a case goes to trial. To avoid trial all together, understanding the workings of the MMMP program and the laws better than a public defender can be a tremendous asset. In many ways, utilizing local resources at the city, county, and state can be one of our best defenses.

Avoid the boys club. For years, many lawyers have taken money from clients for misdemeanor drug charges without really fighting for their rights. This old school style of attorney looking to make money off small marijuana charges could be the biggest danger for the MMMP program today. I am an advocate of the Medical Marijuana Program, I understand the legal rights of my clients, and I will not allow public officials to hurt them.