MI Medical Marijuana Legal Education

Medical Marijuana Lawyer - James Fifelski

Knowledge is power. Anyone participating in the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program is in one way or another impacted by state laws. Michigan Medical Marijuana Attorneys must continually stay up to date as to changes, developments, and rulings within these laws. This area is so specialized and new that most criminal lawyers have a difficult time interpreting and defending cases unless they dedicate their staff and resources to the objective full time. I have been moving my focus and energy into the practice of medical marijuana law.

Transfer of knowledge. While much of my time and energy is spent in the courtroom battling prosecutors, a great deal of time is spent at the table educating my clients and giving them the knowledge they need to avoid becoming the target of a person with their own personal agenda. This is wrong, and it happens, but usually not to the educated, law abiding patients of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program.

Put yourself at ease. If you are an MMMP patient, caregiver, or dispensary owner and are worried about prosecution, it's a stress that you don't need and should not have. Understanding the law and staying compliant eases many people's anxieties, as it should.