Medical Marijuana Crimes - Use

Medical Marijuana Lawyer - James Fifelski

The use of Medical Marijuana in Michigan was made legal by the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, which was passed by voters in 2008. Under this act the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program MMMP was formed, making it legal for patients suffering from certain ailments to use medical marijuana as a form of pain relief medication. Although the State of Michigan made this legal, there is a wide gap in policy between many counties and cities. While individual counties and cities cannot change the law, they have made several attempts to control use of medical marijuana locally.

Using medical marijuana is legal in Michigan. However, you should become aware of local laws and protect yourself from prosecution by local officials.

Marijuana in the non-medical application is still illegal. Although medical marijuana is legal in the State of Michigan under the recommendation of a certified physician, marijuana in the non-medical setting is still illegal. Unauthorized use can result in criminal charges, even if patients are caught abusing their usage privileges. MMMP certified documents and Medical Marijuana Cards must be carried at all times and presented to caregivers or dispensaries before purchase. It is important to become educated of the laws in place to avoid becoming the victim of prosecution looking to set an example. Medical Marijuana may only be used in the privacy of your own home, and usage in motor vehicles, on school property, or on public transportation may result in criminal charges. Lawyer James Fifelski helps his clients fully understand MMMP laws, keeping them protected from vague state laws that often result in legal issues for patients.