Medical Marijuana Crimes - Possession

Medical Marijuana Lawyer - James Fifelski

Possessing Medical Marijuana is Legal in Michigan. Possessing Medical Marijuana in Michigan was made legal by the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, which was passed by voters in 2008. Under this act the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program MMMP was formed, making it legal for patients suffering from certain ailments to use medical marijuana as a form of pain relief medication. Although it is legal to use medical marijuana, there is a strict limit on the quantity a patient can possess. The quantity cap for patients is 2.5 ounces, but the limit varies for caregivers and dispensaries.

Caregivers and Dispensaries. The Michigan Medical Marijuana program impliedly allows for a system of dispensaries and a network of caregivers as distribution channels for each patient's medication. Caregivers are allowed to provide medication for up to five patients and may possess 2.5 ounces per patient they care for. On the other end, dispensaries are providing medical marijuana to patients in the form of a professional store front. A system where patients can pick up their medication in a similar setting to a pharmacy will help regulate the distribution of medical marijuana, thereby reducing the number of back alley dealings taking place. Today many local towns and cities have adopted laws regulating dispensaries.