Medical Marijuana Crime Paraphernalia

Medical Marijuana Lawyer - James Fifelski

Paraphernalia used to consume Medical Marijuana in Michigan is legal under the recommendation of an MMMP certified doctor. Methods for consuming medication may vary for each patient, and these methods include pipes, edibles, and tinctures. There is no limit to the amount of paraphernalia each patient may own under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, only limitation to the amount of Medical Marijuana each patient possesses. In the non-medical setting marijuana and associated paraphernalia are still illegal, and may carry criminal charges.

To avoid these charges it is important to understand the limitations put in place by the State of Michigan under the Medical Marijuana Program. Medical Marijuana Attorney James Fifelski has an extensive background in cases involving Medical Marijuana in Michigan, and will provide all his clients with educational training about how to avoid becoming the target of a criminal investigation or an prosecutor.

Medical Marijuana Requires Paraphernalia. Even in the medical setting, marijuana requires some type of paraphernalia to provide pain relief to patients. Paraphernalia such as pipes and bongs have been legal for purchase long before the establishment of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program MMMP. Due to the legality of these objects there should be no need to worry about paraphernalia charges if you are a Medical Marijuana Patient who complies with state and local laws. However, the use of medical marijuana and associated paraphernalia is still illegal in any motor vehicle, on any form of public transportation, or on school property. To avoid legal issues while you are a Medical Marijuana Patient it is best to only use your medication in the privacy of your own home.