Medical Marijuana Crimes - Distribution

Medical Marijuana Lawyer - James Fifelski

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and Caregivers Legal in Michigan? The distribution of Medical Marijuana in Michigan is set up with a system of dispensaries and caregivers. Caregivers may be individual card holders with a proper grow setup and approval from the state of Michigan, to provide medication to up to five MMMP patients. They may possess and distribute up to 2.5 ounces of Medical Marijuana per patient they have registered. Dispensaries often purchase medical marijuana overages from the network of caregivers and redistribute the medication to patients looking to purchase from a storefront rather than an independent caregiver.

Unauthorized Distribution is Still a Crime. Even if you are a medical marijuana patient there are no laws within the Michigan Medical Marijuana program permitting you to redistribute your medication to other patients or non-patients. In the medical setting marijuana is legal to treat a list of specified illnesses, however, in a non-medical setting marijuana is an illegal substance. Similar to other prescription drugs, medical marijuana cannot be distributed to people without proper MMMP documentation, and could result in criminal charges for possessing or distributing medical marijuana to non-patients. Caregivers and dispensaries must require all patients to present certified MMMP documents and Medical Marijuana Cards at the time of each purchase. Failure to comply with state guidelines can result in criminal charges or expulsion from the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program. James Fifelski can help patients avoid becoming a victim of the vagueness within the MMMP and its defining principles.