Medical Marijuana Lawyer in Michigan
James Fifelski

Medical Marijuana Laws in Michigan

Medical Marijuana Laws in Michigan passed with a 64% voter marjority. Although not a medical marijuana patient, Attorney James Fifelski helps qualified patients and caregivers comply with MMMP Laws as passed by the people of the State of Michigan. The use of Medical Marijuana in Michigan was put on the ballot by the voters, and with a 64% majority they decided that marijuana for medical use is legal. However, many prosecutors, judges, and law enforcement organizations view this drug as contraband even in the legalized medical application.

We are in a time of transition. There will be trials and tribulations until judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officials fully understand why medical marijuana cards are issued. Currently, we have prosecutors pushing too hard, judges judging too hard, and law enforcement officials over enforcing.

People are abusing the law. We have Medical Marijuana Dispensaries operating without regulation, city councils and governing bodies with no clue how to handle the situation, and caregivers selling medical marijuana to everyone. The Health Department doesn't know what to do. The cities, people, and even judges don't know what to do.