Dispensary Raids in Michigan - Ann Arbor, Oakland County, Lansing, Mt Pleasant

Safe Access - What This is Really About

The raids that have occurred throughout Michigan are eliminating safe access to medical marijuana. From Attorney General Bill Schuette's point of view the recent court ruling is about getting drugs off the street and the fear that dispensaries could increase access to marijuana in certain areas. Thousands of patients are now unable to get their medicine and they are being forced into compromised positions and deals rather than being allowed to purchase medical marijuana from a legitimate storefront. These are two points of view that are currently colliding.

Unnecessarily extreme measures were taken in initiating these dispensary raids. While most dispensary owners believed than they were operating within the bounds of the law they are now unsure of their position due to the abrupt action of law enforcement as a result of the appellate decision, People v. McQueen issued August 23, 2011. Rather than giving dispensary owners who have successfully assisted thousands of patients the adequate time to alter their methods, an ultimatum had been issued requiring immediate shut-down of dispensaries.

In this tumultuous period of confusion, it is more important than ever to understand and exercise your legal rights as a caregiver or patient. At times, the medical marijuana lawyers who display a bias to the industry they represent fail to have adequate perspective on the matter at hand. As a non-patient medical marijuana lawyer I am committed to providing sound legal strategies that protect your basic civil right to safe medical care.

If you have felt the pressure to cease operations as either a caregiver or dispensary owner, contact me to discuss some proven strategies to assist you during this difficult time.

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