Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Illegal

Michigan Supreme Court Ruling

According to a Michigan Supreme Court ruling issued February 8, 2013, dispensaries are not legal under the Medical Marijuana Act (MMA). Patient to Patient sales have been outlawed. As a result, MMMP Patients will find it more difficult to gain safe access to medical marijuana.

This ruling will make it more difficult for patients to gain safe access to medical marijuana. Licensed patients may be forced to get Medical Marijuana from people they don't know or trust.

Patients will have to meet Caregivers in the confines of a private residence which is not open to the public. Elderly patients will have fewer options and may no longer have safe, convenient access to doctor-prescribed medication.

There will be many unintended consequences to this court ruling. Most people are used to going to a pharmacy that is open to the public to get their medicine. But MMMP patients may no longer have that option. Medical Marijuana patients are now singled out by the law for adverse treatment although they have the legal right to possess and use medical marijuana. This ruling could make it much more difficult for qualified MMMP patients to get safe medical marijuana from safe, public sources. This could be disastrous to the community.

In the coming months voters will likely continue to fight for their legal rights and safe access. MMMP patients will continue to advocate for the legal rights that other medical patients receive under the law. Michigan voters have asked for safe access to medical marijuana. The legal rights of the citizens of Michigan are my top priority!